mamacoffee (89 of 210)Mamacoffee does not mean just cosy cafés, mamacoffee also has its own wholesale program with a comprehensive offer for cafés, shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, companies and offices. We offer our wholesale partners an individual and personal approach in all our services, and exceptional quality of goods. In particular, we appreciate long-term cooperation, which we can acknowledge and support in difficult times. We are not a franchise and we do not offer franchising of our cafés, we are a family-owned firm.

Terms and conditions

Fair trade principles are not exclusively linked just to our goods, they form an integral part of our business approach. We do not apply any minimum order quantity or orders by packs only, or similar conditions. You can first taste the goods and then take your time to make the right choice. We welcome questions and each customer is our valuable partner. We consider the coffee beanscompetitive environment to be inspiring and we believe in fair dealing. For us, shaking hands is not an anachronism.

Our coffee in your cafe or restaurant

We will be delighted if you own or operate a venue in which you want to offer our coffee. We can help you with the technologies you need to prepare good coffee. We care about the way our coffee is prepared, so we offer training for all cafés and partners serving mamacoffee coffees.  We also take proper care of packaging and distribution. We can ensure reliable and high quality packaging of goods under your own brand. We also provide graphics and printing of your private label, select the appropriate packaging and arrange transportation. In addition, we can arrange a license to use the Fairtrade trade mark.

temperTechnologies and equipment

Technologies and equipment fundamentally influence the nature and efficiency of your business. It is therefore important to pay them appropriate attention and consult your purchase with experienced professionals. Thanks to our experience we can offer the right device for your business. And we  naturally provide all barista equipment.

It’s not only coffee

Our range of freshly roasted coffee is complemented by a variety of loose teas available in large volumes for brewing or smaller for sale. Cane sugar is available in bulk form for sugar bowls or cooking or baking, and in hygienic single-portion sachets. You can also contact our kosher bakery, where we bake all sorts of organic and fair trade goodies, including gluten-free and vegan.

kávaStart your own business

We provide consulting services and guidance in starting a business, including assistance in selecting the right space. You can take advantage of our long and diverse experience and thus reduce the risk of failure. We will arrange suitable equipment, the necessary technologies and bring inspiration on how to create a distinctive atmosphere and design. We will set the operational processes and quality control program.

Added value and social responsibility

All our coffees and most of our product range are organic and Fairtrade. We consider fair trade principles as a natural part of business and we require a fair approach from all our suppliers. We constantly ensure the high quality of products, familiarity with the producer and permanent personal contact, which is even more important than official certifications. The mamacoffee bakery, besides fair trade and organic ingredients, also uses local ingredients as much as possible. In 2010 we started a social enterprise for packaging our products that employs workers with disabilities. We are environmentally conscious in everything we do.

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