Quality and fresh coffee

Since 2008 we have been roasting green coffee from around the world and thus are the oldest fair trade roaster in Central Europe. We always carefully select the coffee, buy it according to fair conditions and guarantee its freshness thanks to our own roastery.

We choose individual coffees from the last harvests of small farmers, so our offer is seasonal and changes regularly. We roast coffee beans in small portions and respect the unique character of each coffee. Correct and careful roasting activates 800 aromatic and flavour substances; however, these gradually evaporate. Therefore, the freshness of roasting is absolutely crucial for a great coffee.

Coffee roasting

praženíFor each type of coffee it is necessary to find (with regard to the origin, variety and the conditions in which the coffee was grown and processed) the best way to roast it. This is called a roast profile. Correctly setting the roast profile is necessary to properly develop the desired flavour and aromatic qualities of the coffee.

Generally, it can be said that a lighter roast supports acidic and fruity notes, while a dark roast brings out bitter flavors (nuts, chocolate and so on). During roasting of various kinds of coffee we always take into account different ways of preparing coffee. In both our e-shop and our cafes you will always find coffee for different preparations (from espresso to alternative methods).

Coffee at home

latte art If you decide to enjoy coffee away from your favorite café, you should remember a few basic rules. It is important to understand that coffee is an organic material which is prone to various destructive processes. They may not directly degrade the coffee, but they may rid it of valuable aromas. From the moment the coffee is roasted it should be consumed as soon as possible. The biggest enemies of coffee include light, heat, moisture and air.

Therefore, we store coffee in sealed opaque containers, stored in a cool, dry and clean environment. Our baristas can grind your favourite coffee, but we recommend you buy whole beans, as they contain more aroma. You should grind your coffee in the required amount and coarseness just before preparing it.

The same care you pay to selecting beans and brewing coffee should be paid to selecting a grinder. There are important criteria for selecting a grinder. It should have grinding stones, not knives, which chop up coffee beans. A grinder must be adjustable, easy to disassemble and clean (including stones).

How to grind coffee according to the type of preparation

Fine grind – professional espresso machines, Turkish coffee made in a cezve (coffee pot), Czech style Turkish coffee
Medium-fine grindmoka pot, aeropress
Medium grinddrip V60, cupping
Coarse grindFrench-press pot