About us

mamacoffee – we roast coffee with a story!
Nikaragua Finca El Guayabo

mamacoffee is a coffee roastery that runs 5 cafes and its own craft bakery.

The impuls to found mamacoffee was our trip to South Ethiopia in 2007. One year later, we have formally opened our first cafe in Prague, Londýnská street, and our coffee roastery. We have found one of the first speciality coffee roastery and the oldest fair roastery in the Central Europe. Thanks to this fact, we can guarantee the freshness of our coffee that we choose from the latest farmers’ harvests every year. Our offer is therefore seasonal and is changing regularly.

Gradually, we have opened 7 more cafes in Prague: five with the brand of mamacoffe, Cafe Jedna, and Kavárna pod lipami with our friends. We have also opened our own bakery, we have run specialized cafe e-shop and a program for wholesale customers. We are able to supply them not only with coffee, tea, cane sugar and our other products, but also  with a variety of quality accessories and technologies.

NikaraguaWe often provide advisory services to partner cafes and we help companies, offices and other entities to find an optimal solution for their premises. Also, we offer courses to the public focused on homemade preparation of  coffee and specialized barista courses.

In 2011, we found Prague Coffee Festival, the largest event focused on coffee in Central and Eastern Europe. We have passed on the organization of the Festival to the Coffee Embassy, association that promotes coffee culture and provides support to coffee professionals.

Our Products

We follow coffee beans that end in your cup from the beginning of their journey. The key factors for us are dignified and fair business which guarantees a equitable purchase prices of raw materials in poor developing countries. Thanks to this fact, children of farmers can attend school, the „new slavery“ is abolished and farmers can develop their farms and concentrate on better environmental protection.  We always enter in personal contact with farmers and we are tryingEtiopie to support them on many levels. We are interested in their stories and we share them also with you. In addition to coffee, we import also tea and sugarcane.

mamacoffee’s Bakery

A cheesecake, a leavened bread, a muffin, a carrot cake or a traditional bundt cake… All this (and even more) we bake ourselves. We want to make sure that everything is fresh, made from seasonal ingredients of high quality and absolutely delicious.

Employment and cooperation

We are always trying to support wider communities, that’s why we have found the company fair balírna s.r.o. – the first social enterprise and sheltered workshop focused on packing fair trade products.

IMG_2909We are convinced that a strong society should integrate the most of its members and that the chance should be given to all of us. One of the best ways of the integration is, in our opinion, work. That’s why we offer work positions to the people who have any disadvantage on the labor market, e.g.: disabled people, newcomers, parents after maternity leave etc.

If you would like to join our mamacoffee team, let us know!

Values of mamacoffee


We believe in quality of our staff, services and products. We care about our qualities and we do our best to raise them constantly.

Human values and humanism

We perceive the cafes as an important meeting place and as an opportunity for an open, free and democratic discussion. We are always trying to be a good partner to the local community and civil society, we support them and help them grow.


We honor a friendly and professional attitude to our customers, partners and suppliers.


We are creating a persistent and equal partnership with our customers, farmers, good suppliers and wider community.

Transparency and responsibility

Nikaragua Finca El GuayaboWithin the purchase of raw materials and services we require clear and fair conditions. We constantly strive for the lowest possible environmental impact to our surroundings and surroundings of our suppliers, farmers and all communities. We search and prefer local suppliers with whom we establish strong partnerships. We are permanently verifying conditions of their products.

We believe that you can enjoy a great coffee or tea everywhere: at home, at work or in our own and partners’ cafes. That’s why we are doing our best to secure you a freshly roasted coffee of  high quality that would be commonly accessible in our cafes and our e-shop. Whether you want to enjoy a delicious coffee at home or you want to get it in large quantities, we offer you an interesting selection of coffee and necessary accessories. Just contact us!

Marta and Daniel Kolský
founders and owners of mamacoffee s.r.o.