Café Jedna

Spacious café in the building of the National Gallery in Prague in the Trade Fair Palace. It offers coffee from mamacoffee roasters. A large part of menu is provided by the mamacoffee bakery, which is accompanied by smaller dishes from the local and international cuisine.

Food is prepared with fresh and honest ingredients, with an emphasis on seasonality. In the café there are events loosely linked to the program related to the dramaturgy of the National Gallery and the neighboring Studio Hrdinů. It is not a pure café space, but with the arrival of the evening it changes smoothly into a pleasant bar. There is beer from the Vinohrady brewery, including interesting beer specials.

Address: Veletržní Palace, Dukelských hrdinů 530/47, Prague 7
Contact: +420 723 234 257
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 9:30 – 23:00

Menu: is here