pekarnaWhy had a coffee roaster started a bakery?

The original intention behind founding the mamacoffee bakery was the wish to supply our cafes with quality products. In the same way we pay attention to the quality of our coffee and its roasting we want to pay attention to food and desserts. That´s why we decided after several attempts to rely on our team, recipes and fresh ingredients.

Handmade and freshness are not clichés to us

We spend most of our lives in cafés, so we bake what we like and can eat with a good conscience. Our bakery products not only look good but also taste good. They are prepared from quality ingredients. We do not use preservatives, colourings, flavourings or ready-to-bake food. We always select seasonal fruit and vegetables from farmers and suppliers we have worked with for a long time. You won’t find any margarine, cream substitutes, chocolate without chocolate or other “goodies” here. pekárna

We return to what we like the best, things that can be called clear names such as butter, cream, flour, yeast. Additionally, since November 2013, our bakery can be proud of its kosher certification. In the production we are also mindful of those for whom conventional raw ingredients cause health problems.

We always strive to have in the menu something without lactose, eggs, flour and nuts, so that vegans, coeliacs, people allergic to peanuts or milk can also enjoy one of our desserts with their coffee.

What is our daily bread?

Every day we knead sourdough and toast bread and we bake seasonal quiches and savoury muffins. Our standard range of mamacoffee (56 of 210)savoury items varies according to the season, but almost always it is inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine: hummus, pita, tabbouleh and more. Our range of desserts is even broader. Cafés would not survive without brownies, carrot cake, cheesecake, muffins, carrot cake or a traditional cake or pulled strudel.

Are you looking for catering, a coffee break, or a treat for a family celebration?

We will be happy to meet your wishes and after consultation will prepare tailored refreshments. For your inspiration we recommend you visit one of our cafés, where you can not only peruse our range of traditional products, but above all taste them. All the products available in our cafés are part of our catering services. At the same time we are ready to offer a more diverse range of services and products. We respect personal decisions and attitudes and therefore it is natural for us to prepare vegetarian or vegan catering. Are you looking forpekarna a supplier of kosher catering, or just a kosher breakfast for a group of guests? We will be happy to suggest a kosher menu, or provide complete kosher catering.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Let us know your requirements and ideas, we would like to expand our own horizons. We will try to meet your expectations or recommend one of our partners.

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